Testphasen Negativ- ‘How I won the War’ CD (Sérpéné Héli Music)          
 Written by Roger Batty     

‘How I won the War’ is a heady and hallucinogenic mix of beats, soundtrack like synth unfolds, sinister drone textures, guitar and improvised elements, backwards voices and tones, dark vocal growls, field recordings and all manner of sonic and musical textures. That’s all piled into a very dense, often dark tapestry of an album, which really puts you afloat in a very strange and disturbing sonic world.

It really is a very difficult album to pin down into one genre as it moves all over the place even with in songs. You can hear traces of beat bound electrionca, dark ambient, melted musak, discordant guitar traces, improvised jazz, chugging guitar post rock and metal risers, elegant and emotional piano beauty. And amazingly for most of   albums hour running time they manger to pull it off in a coherent and inviting if often puzzling manner.  With only a few moment here where it comes off a little messy and over crowded, it’s a real musical and sonic adventure that takes you on a twisting and turning ride through many different emotions and sound colours.  And amazingly enough it’s the projects debut album- making this one of the most rewarding, multi layered and creative debut albums in recent years.

So if you like your musical genres mixed in an atmospheric and clever manner this really is a must.