Review by Wonderful Wooden Reasons

"No Context - Line to Follow Colour Changes in Leaves
(ContraMusikProduktion MP19)
The CMP label has a preferred aesthetic of edgy, vaguely dystopian, experimental dark-ambience and this album from the enigmatically named No Context is no exception to that rule albeit being of a slightly softer hue.. 
In the spirit of the nom de plume I have minimal info on the who or what so I have little context in which to place the music.  What we have is disjointed ambiences and dislocated  rhythmic diversions decorated with a variety of amorphous drones, tones, pops, cracks, twitters and grinds. There are some really nice moments here and I particularly like the way tracks build on the ideas and sounds of the previous one - the segue from track 2 into track 3 is my personal standout. 
It is occasionally a little heavy on the reverb and the mood throughout is bleakly plaintive so it isn't an everyday listen.  As I'm writing this it's 11am on a beautifully sunny Saturday morning. There are birds singing outside my window (as they are on the album) and this record isn't really doing it for me but 12 hours ago when I played it last it was in it's element.