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Shop Info / AGB / Returns /Umtausch
This is not a professional shop. This is no commercial site. This is more or less pure hobby and a rather non-profit oriented label.
We were selling handmade CD's in very limited editions and therefore non of our CD's were sealed.
We have now started to release pressed CDs and we are doing things a little bit more profefesional, but this is still a small label that struggles to cover its costs.
We only accept returns, if you receive a faulty or damaged copy, or if the CD is still sealed.
You will receive a new copy in return of a defective one, as long as they are still in stock. Otherwise you will get
your money back
. The buyer has to pay the shipping costs for returns!
If you have any problems and you have to return defective (or still sealed) copies please use this address!

Dies ist kein  regulärer Shop und auch keine kommerzielle Seite/Geschäft. Wir betreiben dieses Label als Liebhaberei ohne wirschaftlichlies, profit-orientiertes Interesse.
All unsere CD's sind oft in Handarbeit und in kleinster Auflage entstanden, daher sind unsere CD's auch nicht versiegelt, wie man es aus dem Fachhandel kennt. Daher akzeptieren wir keine Rücknahmen/Umtausch bei Nichtgefallen.
Sollte eine CD versiegelt angeboten werden, so könnt ihr die versiegelte CD jederzeit innerhalb von 14 Tagen auf eure Kosten an uns zurücksenden.
Sollte der Warenwert 40€ übersteigen, so übernehmen wir die Unkosten.
Erhaltet ihr hingegen eine defekte CD, dann könnt ihr diese selbstverständlich zurück senden und ihr erhaltet eine neue CD und falls nicht mehr vorrätig, euer Geld  zurück. Diese Unkosetn übernehmen wir selbstverständlich auch.
Dieser Widerruf ist innerhalb von 14 Tagen zu stellen an:

Payment Info:

1) PayPal

We accept PayPal.
Please use the PayPal "add to cart" buttons, which lead you to a PayPal site in English language.
Do not forget to add a valid home address!!!
We will send you a mail when we have received your order. We do NOT collect any data and we delete all erceived mails from PayPal after we have sent the order.

If you should have problems with the PayPal buttons on our site for whatever reason,
you can also send money directly to this PayPal address: cmp(AT)

Of course we always confirm your order within one day!

2) Banktransfer
Order  HERE  and we will send you our bank data (IBAN/BIC)

3) Cash(well hidden in a letter)
For people without PayPal etc
At your own risk, but we never had troubles with it.
Use the contact address.

Shipping Costs:

DO NOT forget to add the appropriate shipping costs to the shopping cart:

Prices for ALL COUNTRIES (these can vary, a little bit from time to time)
Check actual shipping costs in the shop

These costs include ALL costs like PayPal fees and packaging.
We send with Air mail for fast delivery.

Optional registered mail is also available. It doesn't matter how many CD's you buy.
It's only an option and NO must.

With or without shipping?
You can use "Without shipping for Combined orders"  prices if you want to order more than one album from us. Then you have to add additional shipping costs to the shopping cart.

If you want to buy only one album you can use the "INCLUDED Shipping" option from the drop down menu. Then you don't need to add additional shipping costs.

CMP Release Infos:

(Concerning official CMP releases)

We have started to release pressed CDs, but in the past we also used pro CD-R's for example and also even unique handmade covers.
All our non pressed CD's are high grade professional long life duplicates with special silver bottom side (like pressed CD's).
Professional printed and sealed surfaces (full colour), or professional thermo print (black).

Some releases (starting at CMP17) come in 13x18 photocard covers
in a see-through, reclosable  photo wrapper/sleeve with additional picture(s).
All included pictures have been printed by a professional print shop.
Even older releases may come in different, sometimes home made covers,
but many of those rare collector items are already or almost sold out.

Some of our  albums will come in unique oversized and multiple foldable covers, while others come in standard jewel cases (rare) or nice genuine digipacs
Other sizes (like special foldable digi sleeves) will follow, too.

Just look through our release list in our shop. Normally we include all important informations.

Distro Album Infos:

Please note that the quality of distro items may vary from time to time. Some labels offer excellent music in special hand made covers and sometimes they use stickers for the CD's. But due to the fact
that our label, band and artist friends are releasing excellent music, we still want to offer their albums.
But on the other side, many labels & artists offer pro CD-R's or pressed CD's in wonderful packages.
All important informations can be found within the description of each album.