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Ralli Rock (& The Moan of the Sky) - Discography


With band members from Black Hole Raven, Null Komma Null, Das letzte Irrlich & Lunalilith.

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Ralli Rock - Releases

Don't Panic, It's Just a Pandemic / Oh Jolene Cover
(CMP S2)Ralli Rock - Don't Panic, It's Just a Pandemic / Oh Jolene (2020)

Side A: Don't Panic, It's Just a Pandemic
Side AA: Oh Jolene (Alternative Mix 2020)

The new double A Side punky glam rock single is NOW (Amazon, all countries, YouTube) or VERY soon available (in ALL other stores worldwide (Google, Apple Music, Deezer etc), even on Spotify, and I really hate them for various reasons (my label forced me to say yes))

Just search for "Ralli Rock" or "Ralli Rock Pandemic" and you should find the tracks.

Some people will most likely misinterpret the song "Don't Panic, It's Just a Pandemic"
It's a fun song! Keep that in mind!
Stay safe and keep your sense of humour, despite the tragedies that happen.
If you feel sad, just play this little tune, make it  your daily pandemic anthem.
If you're drunk, do the same It works for each situation ;-)

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morning light cover
Ralli Rock - Morning Light (Single, Xmas 2019)

Brand new single by Ralli Rock, recorded in May 2019 during the mixdown process of his upcoming Blues/Rock album, this little piano/vocals ballad has been written & recorded in a lonely night and was originally offered for his Instagram followers in his IGTV channel.
Because of its simple beauty, we decided to release it as single.
"Morning Light" is now also available in a new video on his YouTube channel!



Oh Jolene
Ralli Rock - Oh Jolene (Single, December 10th 2019)

A raw dirty punky little Rock'n'Roll hymn.
Brand new single out now on bandcamp
(Ralli didn't find the time to release it elsewhere, cause it HAD to be out December the 10th)
Will most likely be featured on one of the two upcoming albums.

Dedicated to the one and only J.K.


cmp 37 ralli rockcmp 37 ralli rock roots & signs of fire back
(CMP 37) Ralli Rock - Roots & Signs of Fire 1 (EP) (2018)
ENGLISH"Roots & Signs & Fire 1" is Ralli Rock's  new EP, which came on Christmas as Download only. The majority of proceeds go to "Doctors without Borders".
There are a total of 4 tracks and their basics consist of acoustic, alternative blues tracks with additional, really interesting overdubs.

The download includes all 4 songs (Wave & Mp3) & complete artwork (all in full resolution): booklet (all lyrics, front & back cover)
plus 4 additional artistic made covers and a CD label!

DEUTSCH "Roots & Signs & Fire 1" ist Ralli Rocks neue EP, die zu Weihnachten als DOWNLOAD only veröffentlicht wurde.
Der Großteil der Einnahmen geht an "Ärzte ohne Grenzen".
Es handelt sich um insgesamt 4 Lieder, die teils dunklen, alternativen, akustischen Blues zur Grundlage haben. Hinzu gesellen sich interessante Overdubs.
Genre Tags: Alternative Blues, Dark Blues, Roots, Rock

Der Download enthält alle 4 Lieder (Wave & MP3), dazu das komplette Artwork in voller Auflösung: Booklet (alle Texte, Front und Back Cover)
plus 4 zusätzliche kunstvolle Cover und das CD Label.

Genre Tags: Alternative Blues, Dark Blues, Roots, Rock

Release date & Links:
December 24th 2018
Link: Ralli Rock Release Overview

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VIDEOS  Sleepless Soul

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Ralli Rock coverpackage
(CMP 35) Ralli Rock & The Moan of the Sky - To Bring to Light (2017) Album

Press texts and some label words / Pressetext und ein paar Worte des Labels:

Ralli Rock's debüt Album als "Ralli Rock & "The Moan of the Sky" ist beinahe etwas außergewöhnliches für deutsche Bands und Künstler im Jahre 2017,
denn wir hören hier Musik ganz in der Tradition der Rock und Blues-Rock Bands der 70er Jahre. Hier geht es nicht um gekünstelte, aufgeblasene Mainstream Musik.
Hier spürt man die Leidenschaft und die Tradition der klassischen Rock-Musik mit einer sehr ordentlichen Portion schmutzigen Blues' in diversen Facetten.
Ralli Rock ist unter anderem bekannt als Lead Gitarrist und Sänger, sowie Song Schreiber für Black Hole Raven, die mit ihrem Debüt 2016 international durchaus für Aufmerksamkeit sorgten.
Feedback von Fans und Rezensenten waren gleichermaßen sehr gut, was ja nicht immer der Fall ist.
Man kann es kaum anders sagen: Wenn man geerdete Rock Musik mag, dann fühlt man sich einfach "Zuhause", wenn man "To Bring to Light" auflegt (bisher leider nur als CD erhältlich, aber das soll sich angeblich ändern).
Absolute Empfehlung ! (Wochenschau 17)

He loves the sound and style of rock musics biggest decade,
the seventies and he also has a feeling for non polished rocking Blues music.
He is head and founder of the appreciated Classic Rock Band "Black Hole Raven"
or the German Underground Deutsch-Rock Band "Null Komma Null (0,0)) and more.
On his first own solo album as "Ralli Rock", entitled "To Bring to Light"
you can hear really fine classy guitar solos, authentic rock vocals
and excellent song writing and an album filled with timeless songs.
It is the stuff, the rock and blues music lovers are waiting for.
Mr. Rock doesn't reinvent the wheel, but he spins it really nicely.

Actually Mr. Rock has performed almost all instruments and parts on his own,
including drums, piano, bass and more, though his guitar is obviously his main instrument,
because it really stands out. And his voice has a great recall value, too. Great job!
This is a really fine debut and we can only hope for more material from Ralli Rock in the future.
Enjoy this great album, which you can buy on CD and Download all around the world! (partly press)

Pressed CD, Deluxe 6 page Digipak (Limited first deluxe edition!)
All lyrics are inside.  The special deluxe edition also comes with a free sticker!

Production, mastering,  artwork & design by Ralf Rabendorn
Original photos by Iri Li, edited by Rabendorn

CONTACT  Ralli Rock - official website  Facebook

VIDEO  Walk on Water again (official video)

Download & Stream: 26. April  2017 (Amazon, iTunes, Google etc).
Deluxe CD Version: 15. Juni 2017 (Amazon, Media Markt, Müller, CMP-Shop, JPC etc)

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war is evil
Ralli Rock - War is EVIL! (2014)

Donation song "War is EVIL!" (2014), released by Ralli Rock at bandcamp to help victims of war, especially children.
Donations go to Doctors Without Borders (Ärzte ohne Grenzen)

Downloading at Bandcamp as an album also gives you the video and artwork.

Download, stream and  donations 
here officially at bandcamp!