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Infinitus Ensemble - Discography

 Infinitus Ensemble
A new Infinitus Ensemble album will come...sooner or later.

Iri Li - Many, many instruments like: Gong, Thermin, Synths, Noises, Field Recordings, Guitar, Piano, Organ and much more
Ralf Rabendorn - Drums, electric Guitars, Bass, Voice, Noises, Piano, and many more

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Infinitus Ensemble

(CMP 32) Infinitus Ensemble - Scherbenschlaf (Sleep of Shards) (2009/2015)
A German journalist once said:
"Das Album ist gleichermaßen geeignet für Querdenker, Philosophen, LSD Junkies, Kiffer oder einfach nur Musikliebhaber abseits des Mainstreams"
And we can only agree.  A fabolous work!

An unique mix of:
MedusaDa/ Psychedelic/ Krautrock (with extra portion Kraut)/ ambient Post-Rock/ Avant-Garde/ organic (dark)Ambient/Experimental/ Sound Experiments/ Field Recordings/ Collage/ Radio Play /Occasional spoken words (German)

But there is as always much more to discover in the music of the Ensemble.
Vocals are reduced on this record, though occasional spoken words appear here and there. You can also hear piano layers, field recordings, electric guitars and many experimental sound textures, including objects, gong, bells etc etc.

Scherbenschlaf is a concept album and the seamless mixdown underlines this fact.
Therefore we recommend the CD verision for maximum pleasure!

Professional 8 page cover hiding inside the outside cover, made of REAL and beautifully structured Wallpaper!!!
This is a strictly limited deluxe wallpaper edition (only 50 pieces available!!!!) and it will NEVER come again this way!!!!!

Release date: 11. October  2015
-->Review (Engl. Indieville)

CD Version

Digital  download version available here (please support your independent artist and say NO to illegal downloads)

(X11) Infinitus Ensemble -Na, Poleon? (2010)
Label: Against it Records

Infinitus Ensemble (Iri Li and R. Rabendorn) already started to record the songs for this album in 2005 and finally here it is: “Na, Poleon?”,
an experimental radio- play kind of odyssey. 

There are so many little things to discover here, so much detail (listen to “Nachtablettenaugenaufschlag”)
If you like "avant-garde ideas" (whatever this may be) standing with both feet in the Underground you may agree that this is an unique album.
It's no easy listening album, you really need some time and muse.

“Na, Poleon?” is a true gapless concept album and it sounds and was written, mixed & mastered as one “whole” consisting of many components.
Actually it works best when you listen to it as one piece.

It would be hard to translate the German lyrics into English, cause IE like to create new words and they play with words, especially on this album.
Even people who are able to understand German have to listen carefully and read a couple of times between the lines.
Hopefully people who don’t speak German will also like this album. Although it doesn’t sound like Einstuerzende Neubauten’s “Hamlet Machine”, people who like that Neubauten album could also like “Na, Poleon?”.

The partly cryptically lyrics (spoken words) are probably a reflection of today’s society and its categorizations of “sanity” and “insanity” and how we can lose ourselves within the so called “norms” indoctrinated by governments & societies
..ok, there is a bit more here, but it depends on your own experiences.
Under the surface this album is probably political & critical of society.

It is not really possible to categorize the music on the CD (we would call it MedusaDa (German ironic wordplay and genre for non-genres and trademark for “Remove all barriers!”). In fact you can hear many different sounds and so called genres. In the end it is some kind of organic analogue experimental underground radio-play with sounds from genres like Ambient, Avant-Garde, Dark Ambient, Classic Piano music, Field Rec., DaDa, Jazz, Noise, Krautrock, Surrealism
and more.

Written by Iri Li & Ralf Rabendorn (the latter also did the artwork, pictures and mastering)

Pro printed diamond dyes (sealed), pro printed DIY special foldable cover (digisleeve-like, hand folded!),protection bag
Limited first collectors edition (90 for public sale plus 10)
The first 50 copies come with a special linen paper cover plus additional lyric sheet.

Release date: 11 November 2010

Digital Album Download including SOUNDSAMPLES (all formats)
available HERE
though we recommend the original gapless CD. The linen cover, btw, feels and looks nice. Pics don't do it justice.

1 (Kulturterrorismus)

Schneesturmschmerzgestöber | Auflösungserscheinung | Entmadungsmaschine | Möglichkeit zur Entfernung | Entkernung | Würde | Enfant Terrible | Nachtablettenaugenaufschlag | Nachtschwarm | Gummibaum | Zeit ist's her

CD Options! (without shipping / ohne Versand)

(FSR-17) Infinitus Ensemble - Scherbenschlaf (Sleep of Shards) (2009)

Label: Frequent Sea Records.
Finally a new (concept) album with new tracks. The main influence on this record is probably experimental ambient music. But there is as always much more to discover. Vocals are reduced on this record, though occasional spoken words appear here and there. You can also hear piano layers, field recordings, electric guitars and many experimental sound textures, including objects, gong, bells etc etc.
True DIY release(everything is hand made or home printed by Al from FSR).
Really beautiful outside cover, including a full colour booklet (english/german version) and full colour printed CD-R surface, re-closable protection bag. 
Original pictures by Iri Li.
MEDUSADA/ Avant-Garde/(dark)Ambient/ Experimental/ Sound Experiments/ Field Recordings/ Collage/etc
Unfortunately there has been a problem with the first bunch of copies. The tracks all had gaps (silence) between the songs. This was NOT intended. There was a technical problem during the copying process done by the label. Sorry for the people who received these copies. We had no influence on that. But we have decided to order a bunch of new copies to avoid further problems. All new ordered albums (available now only through ContraMusikProduktion, FSR copies are sold out) won't have these gaps. So you get the album as it was meant to be: One concept album. The CD is still labeled as a FSR- release, cause it comes with the same artwork done exclusively by FSR !
Review (Engl. Indieville)
3 full length songs can be found on IE's MySpace site

SOLD OUT, new and even better deluxe version available

(CMP 16) "Infinitus Ensemble - Die verlorenen Klänge (1999- 2004)" (2007)
Old unreleased material from MEDUSADA pioneers Infinitus Ensemble.
Some songs may be different compared to their new stuff, but definitely interesting and you can clearly hear that this is an Infinitus Ensemble (concept) album. 
Experimental, avantgarde, Krautrock, field-recordings, mostly instrumental.
Comes in a special hand made cover with additional photos.(RR)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3

Released March 2007
almost sold out

CD Version

CD Options! (without shipping / ohne Versand)

(CMP 11) "Infinitus Ensemble - Auf den hölzernen Pferden reisend" (2005/2006)
MEDUSADA, experimental, avantgarde, alternative rock, ambient, surrealism, dada, exp. rock, jazz... A mix of experimental songs and rather "normal" (exp.) alternative rock songs.
This album proves the musical variety of Infinitus Ensemble. They even sing!!
Fans of the "traditional" Ensemble may be "shocked" by the rather "normal" songs. But this album also includes "classic" material like "nirgendwoirgendwohin".
Comes in a special made cover with many wonderful photos and lyric sheet.
Pictures by R. Rabendorn.(OT)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3

a few in stock

CD Options! (without shipping / ohne Versand)

(CMP 5) "Infinitus Ensemble - Kleine Gedanken" (2003/2004)
First MEDUSADA release, avantgarde, experimental, radio-play, dada, ambient, surreal, German spoken words, collage, piano etc.
Comes in a special hand made cover with additional photos and lyric sheet. Concept album.
Pictures by Iri Li & R. Rabendorn.

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4 

CD's of the second edition sold out - a new edition may come in the futur

Download version abailable

Infinitus Ensemble - Traum (2000)
2nd IE album. A psychedelic acant-garde trip.
The cover speaks books.

we are working on a download version

Infinitus Ensemble - Traum (1999)
Very first IE album. One song (ca. 50 minutes). A collage of sounds, feelings, opinions and life minutes. You need time for this wonderful debut!

CDs are sold out

Download version NOW available for a very fair price:
HERE at the official Global Hideout Bandcamp store
Soudsamples can be found there,too