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Distro CD's:

Here you can find and order a couple of excellent releases. Please note that we often do not own many of these albums.
Sometimes only one or two copies. But we try to get them in stock again if it should be possible.
We update this site regularly, so don't worry about sold out items.

Of course you can combine the Distro CD's with regular CMP-Albums to save shipping costs!

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You should check out the releases by our soul-sister label Against it Records.
Very reasonable prices, fine looking quality covers, pro diamond dyes!!!
True collectors editions!

(X1) Abismo - Occasus a lux enimus candelae

(dark funeral ambient, doom ambient....concept album)

(X2) Against it, Vol. 1 (Label Compilation)

(experimental, post rock, dark ambient, noise, folk...everything!)

(X3) Blinding Sunlight - Particles

(psychedlic rock & krautrock)

(X4) R.J. Schrey & IOIOI - The Healing Breakdown

(experimental/dark ambient/industrial/shoegaze/noise/electro acoustic/field recordings/power electronic/guitar-ambient,MEDUSADA...concept album)

(X5) Herself | Sun of Clark  (Split CD)

(indie folk and rock, progr. indie rock)

(X6) Come Across Trachimbrod | Marasme (Split CD)

(post rock, progr. metal/rock)

(X7) Ralf Rabendorn - Fragments of Life

((dark) exp. jazz, concrete, avant-gard, hints of dark ambient,MEDUSADA)

(X8) Finkster - Conscience

(experimental dark ambient, soundtrack, hints of goth, avant-gard ambient)

(X9) Understanding Time (Part 1)

(3 way Split feat. The Infrared Experience, Flat Black Project & Bleeding Thorax)
(dark ambient, spooky drones, experimental ambient sounds, ambient post(rock))

(X10) Soapy Jefferson - Carnival
(alternative folk/ acoustic grungy folk-blues/rock)

(X11) Infinitus Ensemble - Na, Poleon?
(Experimental underground radio-play (kind of), MEDUSADA)

(X12) Nathan Watson | The Amber Tapes
(Post Rock | Electronica, Experimental)

(X13) Seven Morgues - Brass Bells Poor Brothers!
((Spi)Ritual, Dark Ambient Folk, Psychedelic, Hypnotic)

(X14) Ralf Rabendorn - Aschenflucht
(MEDUSADA ** Psychedelic, Progr. Exp. Rock, Kraut, Dark, w/ elelmtens of Jazz/Ambient & occasional spoken words)

(X15) The Infrared Experience - Memories, Waves & Frowns
(Guitar only Post Rock, Contemporary Music, Experimental, (Dark) Guitar Ambient Soundscapes)

(X16) Summons of Shining Ruins - Peyrelebade
(Guitar only Ambient, Space, Psychedelic, Hypnotic Soundscapes)

(X17) Ralf Rabendorn - Exile
( Experimental Rock,Avant-Rock, Psychedelic, Avantgarde, Progr. Exp. Rock, Kraut, Dark Ambient, MedusaDa)

Direct link (overview):
Against it Webstore

Regular Distro CD's:

(The following prices do not include the shipping costs)

Iri Li & Testphasen negativ - DAEMONIUM (2009)
Label: GiN-Label (China)
A very rare item. Dark and gloomy concept album and a few experiments.
A very special musical journey to or with your inner voice?!

Original music performed by Iri Li, a few sounds added by Testphasen negativ. Then the original material was manipulated by Ralf Rabendorn (T.n.).

CD Info:
Release date: 2009
3" CD-R Prof. printed and fine cover in an unique protection bag. A rare collectors edition. Photo & design by Ralf Rabendorn. A few in stock.

VERY limited CD Version

CD Options! (without shipping / ohne Versand)

(FSR-17) Infinitus Ensemble - Scherbenschlaf (Sleep of Shards) (2009)
Label: Frequent Sea Records.
Finally a new (concept) album with new tracks. The main influence on this record is probably experimental ambient music. But there is as always much more to discover. Vocals are reduced on this record, though occasional spoken words appear here and there. You can also hear piano layers, field recordings, electric guitars and many experimental sound textures, including objects, gong, bells etc etc.
True DIY release(everything is hand made or home printed by Al from FSR).
Really beautiful outside cover, including a full colour booklet (english/german version) and full colour printed CD-R surface, re-closable protection bag. 
Original pictures by Iri Li.
MEDUSADA/ Avant-Garde/(dark)Ambient/ Experimental/ Sound Experiments/ Field Recordings/ Collage/etc
Unfortunately there has been a problem with the first bunch of copies. The tracks all had gaps (silence) between the songs. This was NOT intended. There was a technical problem during the copying process done by the label. Sorry for the people who received these copies. We had no influence on that. But we have decided to order a bunch of new copies to avoid further problems. All new ordered albums (available now only through ContraMusikProduktion, FSR copies are sold out) won't have these gaps. So you get the album as it was meant to be: One concept album. The CD is still labeled as a FSR- release, cause it comes with the same artwork done exclusively by FSR !
-->Review (Engl. Indieville)
3 full length songs can be found on IE's MySpace site

1st DIY version from FSRecrods is S O L D   O U T    
BUT There is a brand new PROFESSIONAL and strictly limited 2nd version O U T  N O W :
Go to our shop

(RNF-034) "R.J. Schrey with Kenji Siratori- Future Embryo"
Released by the good Noise label "RONF-Records" from Spain.
Damn, this "Baby" hails from a dark future and it is bringing you a mix of intensive dark noise (ambient), harsh industrial elements and dark ambient music. Very deep and intensive.
Probably the best Kenji collabs out there. 
Limited first edition of only 90 copies. We only have a few in stock!!!!
Pro printed CD-R, pro printed inlay card in PVC protection sleeve.

Visit RJ Schrey@MySpace for samples

Price: 6€ (shipping costs NOT included)

(RJS 1) "R.J. Schrey - The Army of 7"
(Label: RJS-Records) 
The first part of the "7" trilogy (We have released part two "The 7 hidden chapters").
This is a very powerful concept album: dark, intensive, loud (sometimes) and interlaced.
This album has also been released on some other label, but unfortunately RJ told us that he never received any copies. After one year of waiting in vain he decided to release it on RJS-Records. This time as a pro CD-R (printed & sealed), big DVD cover, including a DVD case.
Front picture taken by Ralf Rabendorn.
A MUST HAVE for R.J. Schrey fans!
RJ Schrey@MySpace

CD Version
CD Options! (without shipping / ohne Versand)

Digital Version in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
Buy officially here

(OR006) "Conversations About The Light - A Retrospective"
(Label : Ominous Recordings)
The last full length album of the great project CATL. Robert Osgood, the man behind the project, did some fantastic work here. This album is a very intelligent mix of experimental dark ambient, drone and noise elements. It IS a dark album, but for sure not the typical and often boring "hail satan" stuff.
This album gets our highest possible recommendation. (RR)
Pro CD-R, pro printed booklet and inlay card, jewel case.
Price: 5,50€ (shipping not included)

GiN 003 - " R.J. Schrey - The Riddle of Freedom"
Released on the fine Chinese GiN-Label.
Mr. Schrey brings you a great concept mini album with reduced noise elements. You can hear excellent atmospheric sounds mixed with concrète-like piano stuff, guitar sounds and more experimental music. A must have for friends of RJ Schrey and friends of MEDUSADA, Noise-Concrète and experimental music in general. 
3" mini CD concept album, prof printed cover. The whole stuff is sealed!! it looks amazing. A big thanks to our Chinese friends for this great release. Artwork & pic by R. Rabendorn.
We are acting as the main distributor!  (OT)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 


CD Version
CD Options! (without shipping / ohne Versand)

tn-cd pack
SHM2- Testphasen negativ - How I Won the War
                                                 (wie ich den Krieg gewann
) (2007)
Sérpéné Héli Music released the experimental, dark ambient album "How I Won the War".
This is not the typical dark ambient album. Rare hints of (dark?) Rock (Noise & Post) and electronic elements can also be found on the album. Nevertheless it is a damn dark album ;-)
This is Ralf Rabendorn's  project "Testphasen negativ".
CD Info
Release date: 7. Jan. 2007
Pressed CD, 3x A5 foldable cover), additional printed CD cardboard sleeve
Original pictures taken by R. Rabendorn. Artwork by Nick Tiriarchos

soundsample1soundsample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4
-->Review (Engl. Heathen Harvest)
-->Review (Engl. Judas Kiss)

Only a  few in stock!
CD Version
CD Options! (without shipping / ohne Versand)

Digital Version in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
Buy officially here

Limited distro items! 

(Not many copies available. PayPal will tell you if an album is still available.
You don't have to worry about sold out items)
(The prices do not include the shipping costs)

SHM4 - "Dictator - Dysangelist"
Debut full length by the damn good Funeral Doom Metal act Dictator entitled Dysangelist.
75 minute long concept masterpiece, four tracks, (quote)"focusing on the religious worship of death and the inevitable decline of faith leading unto salvation".
A very deep and dark album. A MUST HAVE released by the great Sérpéné Héli Music record label.

Pressed CD, slimline jewel case including a 16 page oversized booklet in a slipcase!(RR)

Sounds (Dictator MySpace)

Price: 7,50€ shipping costs not included!

SHM1 - "Accurst - A Phantom's Noctuary"
2nd album by Accurst. Really unique concept album (one track, though many different parts).
Maybe you can name it experimental gothic dark ambient. Sometimes it sounds like a "mad man" is telling (dark) stories on a carnival in the 19th century. We love this album.
Released again by the excellent Sérpéné Héli Music record label.(RR)

Pressed CD in great looking digipack.

Price: 6,50€ shipping costs not included!

Seven Morgues - Fallacious. Formless and Fragmentary
Label: House of the Last Light
This band is one of our favourites. Really excellent music from Israel.
Experimental dark ambient/ Ritual/ Psychedelic/ Hypnotic/ Drone etc.
Pro printed booklet & inlay card, CD-R with sticker--comes without the jewel case!(RR)
Price: 6€ shipping costs not included!

With Eyes Wide Open For A Brighter Future - 9/11 - In Memory and Myth
Label: House of the Last Light
This is an excellent sampler with 11 tracks from 11 artists.
Dark Ambient/ Experimental / Drone and more
There are many compilation albums out there, but this is really a good one!
Pro booklet & inlay card, Pro CD-R (colour print)--comes without the jewel case!(OT)
Price: 6,50€ shipping costs not included!

Igor Krutogolov - White
Tophet Prophet/Aurimedia release.
Well this is a jewel. It's a strange mix of genres,
this could be a MEDUSADA album released by CMP.
Experimental, Classical, Concrète, Field recordings, Psychedelic, Hypnotic Melodic and more
Highly recommended!!!!
Pressed CD in pro foldable digisleeve including a booklet.(IL)
Price: 8€ shipping costs not included!

Teho Teardo - Tower/Microphone
Sound installations, experimental, field recordings, ambient, electro acoustic etc.
Fine release from Final Muzik. Highly recommended!
Pressed CD in foldable pro digisleeve.(IL)
Price: 7€ shipping costs not included!

Maurizio Bianchi & Maor Appelbaum - Environmental Meditations
Well known musician Bianchi brings you some harsh stuff.
Noise/ Early Industrial etc...
Released through Tophet Prophet
Pressed CD with pro printed cover & inlay--comes without the jewel case!(RR)
Price: 6,50€ shipping costs not included!

Maurizio Bianchi & MDT - Genologic Technocide
Again Bianchi with a fine album.
(Noisy)Ambient/ Early Industrial/ Noise/ Harsh Sound manipulations... and more.
Pressed CD with pro printed cover & inlay--comes without the jewel case!(RR)
Price: 6,50€ shipping costs not included!

Fozen Light - Sampler
Good sampler, for friends and fans of dark ambient.
Released through Essenta Mundi. Some really fine bands on this sampler.
Over 76min., incl. bands like: Abbildung, Nexus Sun, Samsa, Nehmödt, Fractaled and more.
If you insert it in your computer CD drive you can read additional infos.
CD-R pro printed surface, printed booklet & inlay card--comes without the jewel case!(IL)
Price: 5,50€ shipping costs not included!

Hellboy 106 - Some people make better looking corpses than others
Fine noise album from Greece. Friends of good noise will love this album.
Oversized pvc sleeve (or something similar) with self made cover on special paper (from the artist himself) incl. a sticker. CD-R. A unique cover and an excellent noise album!!!!!!(RR)
Price: 6€ shipping costs not included!

Guillaume Gargaud - Le Lieu
Label: Dirty Demos
Fine experimental music. Manipulated guitar sounds. Ambient and more
Comes in a white digipack with stickers and a CD-R with sticker.(OT)
Price: 5€ shipping costs not included!

Kasper van Hoek - Den Haag/Groning/Froombosch
Label: Dirty Demos
Excellent release from an excellent label. Highly recommended.
Field Recordings/ Sound Sculptures/Installations
White CD-Sleeve with stickers. CD-R with sticker.(IL)
Price: 5,50€ shipping costs not included!

Gish - Making clocks
Label: Dirty Demos
This is an interesting album for friends of rather minimalistic music.
Minimalistic, Guitar Manipulations/ Sound Textures/ Experimental etc..
Comes in an oversized cardboard sleeve with insert. CD-R(RR)
Price: 5€ shipping costs not included!

Dead Wood - Harmonic Sector
Adam Baker's (member of No Context) solo project released through Dead Sea Liner.
Sound textures & manipulations, minimalistic, sound waves etc.
Simple but beautiful cover incl. insert card in pvc sleeve. CD-R.(IL)
Price: 5€ shipping costs not included!

With best wishes, your CMP-Crew!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!