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Black Hole Raven - Official Albums


Local all star rock band from Holywood / Nine Churches.

Ralli Rock - All guitars & all voices (plus: Piano, Organ, Synth on CD) & incredible handsomeness
Kai Neufang - Drums and a huge & ugly nose (women seem to luv it, though). Btw, he is looking for Ladies
Chrsitoph "Molly" Hautz - Thunder Bass and really bad bad jokes

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Black Hole Raven

(CMP 34) Black Hole Raven - (same) (2016)

We are proud to offer the long awaited debut album by Holywood all star rock band Black Hole Raven.
These guys play wonderful classic 70's rock, edgy power-blues stuff, some great dirty stoner riffs and more. They like Bowie as they like Motörhead. They like Zeppelin as they like Queen or Sabbath or John Lee Hooker or Sonic Youth. But they only sound like themselves!
And we are happy that this band exists, cause then there is still hope for mankind to listen to HONEST Röck'n'Röll music!

Mr. Kai Neufang (the drummer) took lessons in the past from Neil Peart himself, as he lived in Canada for two years. After that he toured with session musicans from coast to coast for four weeks in the US and played many gigs with acts like Mötley Crue, Rush (secret bar gig), Robert Plant Band, Pavement, Slut, Mudhoney and more, until he returned to Germany, where he was born.
Herr Christoph "Molly" Hautz, the bass player, had once played a Jam session with the legend, Lemmy, back then in LA somewhere in a Whiskey club, where Mr. Hautz spent some days of vacation with his wife (well in LA, not all the time in the Whisky Club ;-)).
He also jammed with Blues legends in Buddy Guys bar in USA and with other heroes in different nuke joints.
Mr. Ralli Rock on guitar and vocals once added a guitar solo to an alternative version of a Bowie song back then (which, unfortunately, didn't make it on the official album version, cause Merks (an audio engineer) preferred a more "pop" sound.) Rock did not meet Bowie in person, nor did he even knew that it was a job for Mr. Jones. It was a typical studio job and Bowie was already not in the best shape. He has also recorded for many other musician (well known as unknown) like Wolfgang Ambros, Null Komma Null, Ralf Rabendorn, Lunalilith, played shows with or for White Stripes, Blackmores Night, Whitesnake, Henry Rollins ex-Band, Razzia and many many more.

These guys know what they are doing and they always sound (under)grounded, organic and unique. A real jewel in these sterile sounding times! Listen and you can only do one thing:
Agree and take a bow!

(correct) Tracklist:
1 No Devils
2 Gone Away    
3 Down the Drain
4 Song for the Lost
5 Lil' Soul Blues
6 Don't Cry
7 Heart for Sale
8 The Dirt
9 Do Not Luv Me
10 Welcome

Our graphic designer took too many pills during the making of the artwork, so a little tracklist mistake happened on the cover.  Track names  6/8 are interchanged on the very first press, which is sold out soon anyway. So, keep it for yourself, be proud to own it  and sell it on Ebay when the time has come to make some profit to spend for dope, beer, women or whatever you prefer.

All songs performed by Black Hole Raven. No cover songs.
Black Hole Raven are: Kai Neufang, Ralli Rock & Christoph Molly Hautz.
( |
Produced  by Ralf Rabendorn
All artwork & photos by R. Rabendorn, too. (

Down the Drain

Reviews (later)

Release date:
CD: Father's Day 2016

Download Version: First day of Spring 2016

Deluxe Edition:
pressed CDs in beautiful digipac (gepresste CDs in wunderschön designtem Digipac)

CD Version:
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Digital version (available from 20.March 2016) :


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(CMP 28) Black Hole Raven - First Flames (E.P.) (2013)
soon on all platforms like
"iTunes"   "Amazon"  "Spotify"  etc

This is the debut E.P. of Holywood's new Rock'n'Roll hope and glory "Black Hole Raven".
These 3 guys show us that true Rock'n'Roll is NOT dead. The music itself is mixture of 70's Rock, Classic Rock, Dirty Blues and Underground Rock.
It hits you in your cojones (if you're a guy)
But it is not just fun stuff. Songs like "down the drain" also show the political side, which is often present. And there is more to come.
The most obvious face of this band seems to be some kind of sick sarcasm, but also honest words of wisdom and luv!'s unfuckingfassbar great music

Produced, mastered and photographed by Ralf Rabendorn

Kai Neufang | Molly Hautz | Ralli R.o.CK

Black Hole Raven (official)
Black Hole Raven (Facebook)

tracklist and full song streaming:
Down the Drain | Kaleidoscope Eyes | Do Not Luv Me

Release date: 30. November 2013

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