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Official ContraMusikProduktion-Releases

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ContraMusikProduktion - Official Albums  


cover pack3
(CMP 33) Null Komma Null - Hysterie & Alltag (2015)
Endlich ist sie draußen: Das Debüt Scheibchen von "Null Komma Null".
1000 Kopien gefüllt mit einzigartigem schmutzigem weisheitsbringendem und untergründigem Deutsch Rock.
Wir offerieren hier schlicht und ergreifend die beste Scheibe einer Deutschen Rock Band seit...Jahrzehnten.
Ende der Diskussion!

Demokratie wird in Zeiten der Indoktrination und Ammenmärchen ohnehin nicht mehr ernst genommen, also ist unser Wort Gesetz.
Selbst wenn diese Worte für euch keinen Sinn ergeben, so werdet ihr dennoch eines tun müssen: Das Teil hier kaufen!

Für Freunde des untergründigen Deutsch-Rocks, punkiger und dreckiger Rock mit 70er Einschlag, Blues Wurzeln, ein wenig Indie, Gitarrensolos und 2 beinahe Balladen
und ganz viel Weisheit der alternden Gotteskrieger...ach ne...das darf man hier aber wirklich nicht sagen ;-)

Finally here it is. The biggest release for us to date.
1000 copies of pure great punky rock music with German lyrics who offer us great wisdom
We offer nothing less than the best debut album by the best Deutsch Rock band in Germany for ages!
PERIOD.... and end of discussion!
In times of indoctrination and political lies, each and everyone seem to laugh about democracy, so our word is law here.
And if these words don't make any sense, then we don't care at all, because we know,
you have to go and buy this jewel anyway.

For friends of  Undergrounded Rock, punky & stinky  Punk Blues Glam Rock, Indie, 70's influences , guitar Solos and 2 or 3 almost-ballads.......

Null Komma Null
Mr. Ralli Rock - Voc/Guit/Bass/Piano etc
Herr Schmidt - Drums and blablabla
(plus Katja Forster  Bass (song #6), live and on the next CD)

Production, mastering, cover:  Ralf Rabendorn (
Pictures by  Iri Li & R. Rabendorn

CD comes in two versions: (both versions are designed differntly!)
Version 1: Standard: 700 Pressed CD in cardboard cover
Version 2: Deluxe: 300 Pressed CD in oversized and VERY nice 8page cover plus the additional cardboard cover from the standard version. The deluxe cover features all lyrics and other clever statements from these terrible guys.

Of course also available as a download
Release date:  24./25. December 2015

Soundsamples (click)

Coming soon!!

CD Versions:
DELUXE or STANDARD CD VERSION & shipping Options!

Digital version:

and many more. search for it in your favourite digital online store or streaming service Amazon worldwide, look for your own country

(CMP 32) Infinitus Ensemble - Scherbenschlaf (Sleep of Shards) (2009/2015)
A German journalist once said:
"Das Album ist gleichermaßen geeignet für Querdenker, Philosophen, LSD Junkies, Kiffer oder einfach nur Musikliebhaber abseits des Mainstreams"
And we can only agree.  A fabolous work!

An unique mix of:
MedusaDa/ Psychedelic/ Krautrock (with extra portion Kraut)/ ambient Post-Rock/ Avant-Garde/ organic (dark)Ambient/Experimental/ Sound Experiments/ Field Recordings/ Collage/ Radio Play /Occasional spoken words (German)

But there is as always much more to discover in the music of the Ensemble.
Vocals are reduced on this record, though occasional spoken words appear here and there. You can also hear piano layers, field recordings, electric guitars and many experimental sound textures, including objects, gong, bells etc etc.

Scherbenschlaf is a concept album and the seamless mixdown underlines this fact.
Therefore we recommend the CD verision for maximum pleasure!

Professional 8 page cover hiding inside the outside cover, made of REAL and beautifully structured Wallpaper!!!
This is a strictly limited deluxe wallpaper edition (only 50 pieces available!!!!) and it will NEVER come again this way!!!!!

Release date: 11. October  2015
-->Review (Engl. Indieville)

CD Version

Digital  download version available here (please support your independent artist and say NO to illegal downloads)

(CMP 31) The Infrared Experience - The Dirty Drones of Thrones

With the 3rd official album , The Infrared Experience are releasing a really deep, dark, somehow avant-garde like and psychedelic, hypnotic drone guitar soundscape album.
It is filled with thoughts about politics, greed, corruption, addictions, triviality of today's life and the real life behind the mask, humans like to use to hide their real identity.
The Infrared Experience is using only guitars and effect pedals to express their thoughts and music.
No computer sounds and no voices, so no lyrics, just the track titles like "Lies of Democracy", "Don't let 'em Steal Your Integrity" or "Life after Corruption", for example.
9 exclusive tracks, 45minutes and an excellent album with the strong title "The Dirty Drones of Thrones".

The CD comes limited with a prof. printed thick deluxe 8 page booklet with additional inlay card (prof. printed on both sides) in Jewel Case
presented from your favourite label with the big toothbrush "ContraMusikProduktion (CMP)"
The complete artwork of the printed cover has been created and photographed by Mr. Ralf Rabendorn, who also helped with the recording and general production and this and that.

Also for
People who like the music of "Stars of the Lid", early "Pink Floyd", "Windy & Carl", "Amp" "Flying Saucer Attack" and similar music!

Digital download available from all well known sellers

Release date: 1st day of Spring 2015, perfect for dark hazy drones

-->SOUNDSAMPLES of all Tracks

Against it Records:

-->Concreteweb(engl)     (or saved version)


Digital version:

and many more. search for it in your favourite digital online store or streaming service Amazon worldwide, look for your own country


(cover is b&w in correct lighting)

(CMP 30) Ralf Rabendorn - Among Black Hearts (2014)

He is back.
Back with  a three track EP
Back with  melancholic, dark and very melodic tracks.
Back with ballads from a darker, melancholic underground, that sometimes feels like a childhood full of lonely nights. But attention...don't ovrlook the sarcasm

He is singing and moaning, showing the feelings you have when you don't want to talk that much.
Are we allowed to say, back with great music and back with another big steps towards the music in his head?

Hints of classic ballads, hints of goth-rock & folk, hints of avantgarde, hints of a lost Underground songwriter and even hints of pop!

All  instruments performed by Mr. Rabendorn.

EXTREMELY LIMITED deluxe CD edition.
8x foldable deluxe cover, professional printed on CANVAS Paper 3" CD

Also (sooner or later) available on ALL digital platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc

Release date: November 2014

Soundsamples (full streaming!)

Concrete Web (engl)   or saved version 

CD Version:


Digital version available here:

(all Amazon countries available..look in your own country), and many more
search for it in your favourite digital online store or streaming service


(CMP 29) Testphasen negativ - The Final Hours (2013)

In the words of Mr. Rabendorn:
 "I'm currently signing the (very) limited edition of the new Testphasen negativ album.
 I'm so happy with the quality of the covers (the best of all we did at CMP) and the whole release.
 This music on this album is definitely not for everyone and nothing for school-kids.
 It's about a journey to death, if you will.
 To me it is the most emotional TN album so far. Somehow quiet, solemn and serious.
 The music itself is still experimental-organic-progressive-dark-ambient
 I hope some of you may appreciate it.

 I am really happy with it and especially proud, cause it made a long way round (2008-2013) and my good friend passed away in the meantime. To him this work is dedicated and he left some marks, too, on this album, before he died.

 Release date is 24th October 2013, exactly one year after he passed away.
 I love u, brother......RR"

Produced and mixed by Mr. Rabendorn, as one piece, without gaps.
Therefore we can only recommend the real thing, the CD!

Jarosch von der grünen Alm, Ralf Rabendorn, The Choir of the Last Flame

Photography, artwork/cover design and production & mastering by Ralf Rabendorn

Very limited 1st collectors edition that comes in a huge 6 panel cover (prof. printed), extra film lamination, and with additional 4 photos, added to each CD. These are real printed photographs.
Also Mr. Rabendorn himself signed each release of this limited edition!

Do not miss this unique opportunity!

That uncertain feeling | Like a moth | Dunkelheit | Losing belief | Zwischenwelt |Zeitloch |
'Escape from life | Sail away my beloved friend | Lightless | The final hours | The last mile

Release date: 24.October 2013
Running Time: 49 Minutes / 11 tracks (gapless mix, buy the CD for optimum listening pleasure)

also available worldwide  as a digital download on
Google Play
streaming on Spotify etc pp.



(CMP 28) Black Hole Raven - First Flames (E.P.) (2013)
soon on all platforms like
"iTunes"   "Amazon"  "Spotify"  etc

This is the debut E.P. of Holywood's new Rock'n'Roll hope and glory "Black Hole Raven".
These 3 guys show us that true Rock'n''Roll is NOT dead. The music itself is mixture of 70's Rock, Classic Rock, Dirty Blues and Underground Rock.
It hits you in your cojones (if you're a guy)
But it is not just fun stuff. Songs like "down the drain" also show the political side, which is often present. And there is more to come.
The most obvious face of this band seems to be some kind of sick sarcasm, but also honest words of wisdom and luv!'s unfuckingfassbar great music

Produced, mastered and photographed by Ralf Rabendorn

Kai Neufang | Molly Hautz | Ralli R.o.CK

Black Hole Raven (official)
Black Hole Raven (Facebook)

tracklist and full song streaming:
Down the Drain | Kaleidoscope Eyes | Do Not Luv Me

Release date: 30. November 2013

Download for FREE HERE
Download instruction:
1) click "buy now" (name your price)
2) enter "0" (or any other amount if you wish to support the band),
then the "free" download button appears
3) download
...simple as that!!!

Alternatively you can donate here or on Bandcamp, but this is definitely NO must.

Donation via PayPal

(CMP 27) Testphasen negativ - Perspectives (E.P.) (2013)
It's been a long time since the last TN output, but now the first sign of life in years.

"Perspectives"  contains two songs from the upcoming album "The Final Hours" (October 2013)
and also unreleased material, only available on this EP.
It's a very moody dark organic experimental ambient EP. We hope you will be happy with it.
The complete artwork is included in full resolution.
You can also download the booklet artwork  HERE in full resolution.

Pictures, artwork, production and mastering by Mr. Rabendorn

"This is a present to all fans and supporters to celebrate the 6. of July (Birthday of the dead Testphasen negativ member)
and it has also been released to say "sorry", because of the postponed and long awaited next album.
The album WILL definitely be released this year in October.
Thanks friends...Testphasen negativ"

like a moth | zeitloch | the ghost in the organic machine | asylantis | fearless

Release date: 6.July 2013
Running Time: 22 Minutes / 5tracks
Download for FREE  HERE

Download instruction:
1) click "buy now" (name your price)
2) enter "0", then the "free" download button appears
3) download
...simple as that!!!

Alternatively you can donate here or on Bandcamp, but this is definitely NO must.

Donationvia PayPal:


(CMP 26) Ralf Rabendorn - Exile (2012)
Finally the full 4th length album "Exile" by Mr. Ralf Rabendorn that comes out just one day before the official End of the World!
This album has more different (experimental) rock elements than earlier solo albums, though it is not a typical rock album, of course.
Still MedusaDa, still a mix of different styles like: noisy post rock, avantgarde, avant--prog-rock, dark ambient, krautrock elements and experimental music in general.

Mr. Rabendorn recorded the majority of songs already in 2008. He almost didn't release this jewel,
that also features a 5 songs with words written by Mr. Gregory James Wyrick (*).
Everything else was written and performed by Rabendorn himself on instruments like electr. guitars, bass, acoustic drums, piano computer stuff!

"Exile" is a concept album. It's about you, about me. You may not understand every word of the German and English lyrics but you may enjoy it,especially if you kept yourself some of your childish imagination.

This release is a triple label collaboration release of Against it Records & ContraMusikProduktion & Global Hideout. The latter  is officially offering the digital version, too and you can also buy the CD through their store.

Photography (one pic by Iri Li though), artwork/cover design and production & mastering by Ralf Rabendorn

Limited pro collectors edition, Prof. diamond dyes,
professional plant printed oversized and beautiful 6 panel cover!!!

52 minutes playing time!
Release date: December, 20th 2012

Tracklist & Soundsamples:
1 Intro  2 Slip Away, pt.1*  3 Tiefer ins Exil  4 Une Étude de l'Exil (1) 
5 The Dark Exile  6 Repentance of Midnight*  7 Das ungute Gefühl
8 Paul (für P.C.)  9 Decoy*  10 1)Freihändig Richtung Abgrund / 2)Nicotiana*
11 Rast  12 The Collectors of Minutes*  13 Une Étude de l'Exil (2)
14 Rapid Eye Movement  15 Vor Augen  16 Slip Away, pt.2*



Digital Version in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
available at Bandcamp

Also available on ITunes, Amazon (worldwide), Google Play, Spotify etc

(1)    (2)


(CMP 25) Lunalilith - Walls vs. Love (2010)
Second Lunalilith album since 1999. This album is filled with very melodic and sometimes melancholic tunes, mostly sung by Irina  on lead vocals, while she also added a few additional synths sounds and occasional "noises". Ralli  also contributed a few vocals here and there and he performed all instruments like electric guitars, piano, acoustic drums, bass. synths etc.

Irina's fragile and sugar-sweet voice is definitely a trademark of this record, together with the fine instrumentation and melodic compositions. 
For friends of: Indie, Post Rock, 70's Rock, Ambient Rock......
It took a long time, till our new album here has been released and financed, that comes as a pro version with pro 6 panel digipak and it looks really gorgeous!
This is our most expensive and most comprehensive release to date!
Never-Ending Story | Out of Time and Space | Sad Cliché | Viel zu weit | Little Fool | The Devil’s Got a Hold on Me | Insel | Nothing but Lies | Für immer Licht (Insel 2) |
The Return: (Part 1:) I Believe in Us | (Part 2:) Return

Release date: 7. December 2010
-->Review (Ger. No Easy Listening
-->Review (Eng. CINYF)
Sound Samples
Additional distribution by Against it Records, our Soul-Sister label, who also supported this release.


Digital Version
in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)

Immediate download!
Buy officially HERE


(CMP 24) Testphasen negativ - Hostia (2009)
"Testphasen negativ, Ralf Rabendorn's experimental dark project, brings you an album filled with dark ambient sounds. This time the sound on the album is probably more consequent (dark) ambient than on previous albums, which means: Less experimental (for TN standards).
Many choir sounds have been used (real voices, no midi stuff in general), mixed with TN's very own atmospheric sounds. The classic song "fading" (an older version was free available) has also made it on this album, in a slightly different and re-mastered version though.
A few, rather melodic ambient songs (Spark, Before the Afterlife) lift the dark mood of this unique album. (OT/ CMP-Crew)"
For friends of: MEDUSADA, Dark Ambient, Atmosfear, Choral, Ritual, Experimental Ambient, Spiritual (kind of), Dark Drones, etc
Artwork, photography and production by Ralf Rabendorn.

Tracklist & Samples:
always & forever | selbstverstümmelung | cigarettes & thoughts | fading | feels like the end of the world | gegenschmerz | spark | prayer (free MP3) | strength | before the afterlife

CD Version with original gapless mix released by ContraMusikProduktion (CMP)!
Digital album version with single tracks (non gapless) officially available through BANDCAMP!
DIGITAL version available HERE
CD comes in a jewel case, good looking booklet and inlay card, pro diamond dye, pro printed.
Release date: 5th/6th December 2009  


Digital Version in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
Buy officially here

(CMP 23) Rita Galetti - Falter (2009)
Canadian female sound artist & guitarist "Rita Galetti" has recorded 9 wonderful experimental tracks (around 50 minutes of playing time), who offer great variety and depth.
You can hear drones, sound sculptures, experimental guitar sounds, field recordings, electro acoustic, noise, ambient and so much more. This album doesn't only offer experimental music. Rita also knows how to create fine melodies and great moods.
It's none of the albums, who drift away much too often into emotionless musical experiments.  
The songs and sounds have been recorded with great effort on 4-track tape (!), so don't expect sterile sounding computer music. No doubt, "Falter" is an excellent debut album!(RR)

Strictly limited collectors edition, prof. 3x foldable (6 panel) cover (digisleeve like), prof. printed in b&w on both sides, prof. thermo printed CD, pvc protection sleeve.

Artwork & photography by Ralf Rabendorn.

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4 | soundsample5

-->Review (Engl. CINYF)
-->Review (Ger. NecroWeb)
-->Review (Engl. Heathen Harvest)
Release date: 21. July 2009


Digital Version in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
Buy officially here

(CMP 22)  The Infrared Experience - White (2009)
Pure instrumental guitar project with two "faces". A few songs are really melodic, beautiful. Some kind of ambient post-rock. On the other side there are these disturbing sound textures in some songs.
For friends of ambient guitar/(ambient) post rock/ MEDUSADA/ experimental guitar/ ambient etc..Friends of early Kranky stuff, Flying Saucer Attack, Roy Montgomery,Windy&Carl, etc. could also like this album.
It's important to mention that No Computer, No Samples and No Synths were used. Just one guitar and a few effect pedals.
Exclusive limited collectors edition,prof. 3x foldable (6 panel) cover (kind of digisleeve), pro printed (b&w) on both sides, protection PVC bag. CD surface is of course printed and sealed. Artwork and photography by Ralf Rabendorn. (IL)
soundsample1 | soundample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4

 -->Review (Engl. Heathen Harvest)
Release date: 15. June 2009


Digital Version
in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)

Immediate download!
Buy officially here

(CMP 21)  "Testphasen negativ - Burn, Giant, Burn!" (2009)
The follow up album to the appreciated debut "How I won the War" is out now.
It's hard to describe this concept album.
Maybe experimental psychedelic ritual dark ambient noise music? MEDUSADA?
I guess the best description is "Testphasen negativ".
Featuring Kenji Siratori on "Anti-Vital" and the "Choir of the Last Flame" on various tracks.(OT)

This exclusive limited collectors edition comes in a prof. 3x foldable (6 panel) oversized 13x18cm cover, prof. printed on both sides on special linen cardboard paper (b&w print) in a reclosable protection bag, diamond dye of course. Only available through us. Artwork by R. Rabendorn (OT)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4

-->Review (Engl. Heathen Harvest)
Release date: 16. April 2009
Also available as DIGITAL download
HERE @ Bandcamp

CD Version Options!

Digital Version in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
Buy officially here


(CMP 20) "Iri Li - Broken Summer" (2008)
The queen of the MEDUSADA movement/genre and the driving force of the Infinitus Ensemble
has released her first solo album. Almost pure instrumental. You can hear acoustic violins, singing bowls, synths, piano, bells, gong, special field recordings (all recorded by herself) and sound manipulations, ambient soundscapes and much more.
Without a doubt one of  THE CMP highlights so far.
Therefore it comes in a great looking prof. Digipack!
For friends and fans of: MEDUSADA/ Conrète/ Avantgarde/ Electro- Acoustic/
(Dark) Ambient/ Surrealism/ Field Rec./ Drone/ Soundscapes/ Ritual/ DaDa etc 
Production, front pic & design by Ralf Rabendorn, all other pictures taken by Iri Li. (RR)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4 | soundsample5

-->Review (Ger. KulturTerrorismus)
-->Review (Engl. Heathen Harvest)
-->Review (Engl. Wonderful Wooden Reasons)

Street date: 25. December 2008


Digital Version in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
Buy officially here

The following albums are from the second periode. Limited, handmade, often prof. pictures inlcuded.

(CMP 19) "No Context - Lines to follow colour changes in leaves" (2008)
This UK electronic-avantgarde trio brings you a very organic and intelligent record.
A beautiful album for fans of electronic/improvisation/electro-avantgarde/ambient/manipulated noises/micro sounds etc.
New 13x18 photo cover, 3 photographs, full ink diamond dyes(sealed).
Artwork & pictures by R. Rabendorn.(IL)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundample3 | soundsample4
-->Review (Engl. Heathen Harvest)
-->Review (Engl. Vital Weekly)
-->Review (Engl. Wonderful Wooden Reasons)
Street date: 30. September 2008


(CMP 18) "Dead Industrie - Distant Whispers" (2008)
(Dark) ambient/ soundtrack / experimental
Great atmospheric music from US artist John Fink Jr.
Highly recommended
New 13x18 photo cover with 4 fine pictures taken by John. Pro thermo CD.

soundsample1 | soundsample2

-->Review (Engl. Heathen Harvest)
-->Review (Ger-Medienkonverter)
-->Review (Eng.-Side-Line) 
-->Review (Eng.-Plague Haus) 

Street date: 25. August 2008


(CMP 17) "R.J. Schrey - The 7 Hidden Chapters" (2008)
Experimental dark noise ambient, sometimes harsh, with a few field recordings and other noises. Second concept album of the "7" series. Definitely not the typical noise album.
A very own universe of sound.
Comes with the new 13x18 photocard cover and additional picture, in photo wrapper, full colour ink printed prof diamond dyes(sealed). Frontcover by R. Rabendorn. (OT)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3

-->Review (Engl. Heathen Harvest)
-->Review (Ger-Medienkonverter)
-->Review (Eng-Plague Haus)

Street date: 26. April 2008



The following albums are from the first period of this label. Often limited with home made covers. A few of these rarities are still available.
All CD's are prof. diamond dyes, full  colour ink print (sealed)

(CMP 16) "Infinitus Ensemble - Die verlorenen Klänge (1999- 2004)" (2007)
Old unreleased material from MEDUSADA pioneers Infinitus Ensemble.
Some songs may be different compared to their new stuff, but definitely interesting and you can clearly hear that this is an Infinitus Ensemble (concept) album. 
Experimental, avantgarde, Krautrock, field-recordings, mostly instrumental.
Comes in a special hand made cover with additional photos.(RR)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3

Released March 2007
almost sold out


(CMP W 2) "Schabe - Nachtfisch" (Re-Release Series) (2007)
The first issue of this album by the German quartet "Schabe" came out in 1999.
Instrumental, Krautrock, ambient, experimental.
Comes in a special made cover with additional photos.
(second edition, remastered & edited)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3

A strictly limited second edition is out now (only a few left)!

Chose your option!

(CMP 15) "Seth Pylon - Album 1" (2006/2007)
Underground noise rock, german and a few english lyrics. 60 minutes of
great energetic noise rock. Similar to Dead C., but the energy level is much higher
and the sound is better (though it is still sounding rough & dirty).
Friends of Sonic Youth could also like this album
Comes in a foldable paper sheet with pvc sleeve.(OT)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3soundsample4

only a few in stock


Digital Version (very fair price!) in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
Buy officially here

(CMP 14) (double CD) - "Mein melancholischer Tod - Ende" (2006)
1st CD: ca. 55min. german lyrics, psychedelic, melodic, ambient rock, rock á la FSA or even early Jesus & MJ (sometimes)...
2nd CD: one 45min. song with different parts, mostly instrumental, rather guitar-ambient sounds.
The first and (probably) last record (Title: "End" in English) recorded by this project. But don't worry, the main man behind this project is still recording and releasing music.
Comes in a Jewel Case with 2CD's and many additional prof. printed photos incl. lyrics.
A very beautiful and complex release with wonderful music offering a great variety.
Artwork & pictures by Ralf Rabendorn!(IL)

CD1: soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4 

CD2: soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 

very rare, only a few in stock


(CMP 13) "Das letzte Irrlicht - Der eiserne Wille der einsamen Faust" (2006)
Stoner punk rock, underground, alternative.
Comes in a special made cover with additional photos and lyric sheet. Pre-Seth P.

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3

only a few in stock


(CMP 12) "Von Flugsand ausgewaschen - Alles auf Anfang" (2006)
Alternative rock, experimental rock, 70's rock, melancholic.
Album is dedicated to someone who died during the recording sessions.
died while the making of this album.
Comes in a special made cover with many additional photos and lyric sheet.(RR)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4

only a few in stock


Digital Version (great price) in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
Buy officially here

(CMP 11) "Infinitus Ensemble - Auf den hölzernen Pferden reisend" (2005/2006)
MEDUSADA, experimental, avantgarde, alternative rock, ambient, surrealism, dada, exp. rock, jazz... A mix of experimental songs and rather "normal" (exp.) alternative rock songs.
This album proves the musical variety of Infinitus Ensemble. They even sing!!
Fans of the "traditional" Ensemble may be "shocked" by the rather "normal" songs. But this album also includes "classic" material like "nirgendwoirgendwohin".
Comes in a special made cover with many wonderful photos and lyric sheet.
Pictures by R. Rabendorn.(OT)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3

a few in stock


(CMP 10) "Ralf Rabendorn - Zwischen Stadtmauern" (2005/2006)
MEDUSADA, avantgarde, noise, (dark) ambient, a few hints of post-rock, experimental, radio play.This concept album brings you great atmospheric songs with occasional german spoken words.
 Comes in a special made cover with additional photos with lyrics.(IL)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3soundsample4

only a few in stock


(CMP 9) (double CD)- "Ralf Rabendorn präsentiert - Schweig still !"
(with Schabe, Protuberanz, Steinrausch, Infinitus Ensemble, Rabendorn)
Experimental, Krautrock, noise, avantgarde, post rock, lo-fi sounds, ambient
Special made cover with additional photos and lyric sheet.
This is not a label compilation, all tracks are exclusive and it's a concept double album!!(RR)
sold out

(CMP 8) "Steinrausch - Das letzte hungrige Biest" (2005/2006)
Rough-industrial rock, underground goth, experimental,
hints of (dark) ambient, exp. rock,
incl. the E.N. cover "letztes Biest"(2 versions).
Comes in a special made cover with additional photos and lyric sheet.
Second edition. Comes in pvc sleeve with new booklet, lyrics & 3 additional photographs.

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4

only a few in stock


Digital Version (very inexpensive) in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
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(CMP 7) "Von Flugsand ausgewaschen - Ich warte auf den freien Fall eines Klavieres" (2004/2005)
Alternative melancholic pop rock. A few experiments. Including "ratlos" and "verloren"!
Comes in a special hand made cover with additional photos and lyric sheet.

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(CMP 6) "Steinrausch - Das Grundgerüst"
Rock, ambient, experimental alternative rock, political.
Hand made cover incl lyrics.
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(CMP 5) "Infinitus Ensemble - Kleine Gedanken" (2003/2004)
First MEDUSADA release, avantgarde, experimental, radio-play, dada, ambient, surreal, German spoken words, collage, piano etc.
Comes in a special hand made cover with additional photos and lyric sheet. Concept album.
Pictures by Iri Li & R. Rabendorn.

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4 

CD's of the second edition sold out - a new edition may come in the futur

Digital Version in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
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(CMP 4) "Steinrausch - Feuerrausch und Alltagswahn"
Experimental, rough-industrial, ambient, rock, alternative.
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(CMP 3) "Contra-Combo 7 - Demut"
Experimental jazz, ambient, alternative.
Special hand made cover with lyric sheet and photos.
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(CMP 2) "Steinrausch - Die EP der willigen Koalitionen" (2003)
Rough-industrial, punk-industrial, experimental, rock, noise-rock.
The anti-bush album, released as the USA "declared" war on Iraq again.
(20/03/2003--for all the number fetishists and "conspiracy terrorists"...)
Including bush speech in english with german interpreter.
Great energetic level, rough and dirty. Highly recommended.
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(CMP 1) "Steinrausch - Komatös" (2002/2003)
Experimental, minimalistic rough-industrial, alternative, ambient rock
Booklet & inlay in jewel case.
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