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-11. November 2010
Na, Poleon? is out...finally...after 5 long years :)
Yes, we have started to record the tracks in 2005.
Due to some problems with labels and other stuff we have decided to wait with this release and it was worth it.
Hopefully you will agree.
100 copies are available through Against it Records, you can order in our shop or visit this site:

We also offer a digital album download (all formats, incl. lossless of course).
You can purchase it HERE


A digital album download (all formats) for "Scherbenschlaf (Sleep of Shards) is now available here for a very good price!
A few copies are still in stock, too.
Visit this site or our shop for physical copies (the last who come in the wallpaper cover!)

Last year we forget to mention Testphasen negativ's latest release "Hostia"
and the collab CD "Daemonium" by Iri Li & Testphasen negativ.
Daemonium is a rare item, released by the Chinese GiN-Label, not many in stock.

-October 2010
"Na, Poleon?", the album we already began to record in 2005, is finally coming in November 2010 on Against it Records!
Limited collectors edition. The first 50 copies will come on special linen paper with additional postcard.

"Na, Poleon?" is an experimental Radio-Play type of concept album.
A long journey for this album.....

Ralf Rabendorn's second album "Fragments of Life" has been released in July on Against it Records.
Experimental Jazz, hints of Ambient, Avant-Garde, Piano music and more.
Order here

-June 2009

Our new album "Scherbenschlaf (Sleep of Shards)" has been released
by the excellent Canadian Label "Frequent Sea Records".
This album has less vocals and this time the music has probably more experimental ambient elements, but of course it has some "surprises" for you.
Strictly limited collectors edition of 99 copies, true DIY. A wonderful outside cover (the paper is really beatuiful), booklet(engl./german) full ink print,
CD printed (full colour), reclosable protection bag! Handmade by the man "Al" from FSR. 
Main distributors are: Frequent Sea Records & ContraMusikProduktion.

-April 2009

The new "Testphasen negativ" album "Burn, Giant, Burn!" is out now.
ContraMusikProduktion has released a special limited collector's edition, that comes in a 3x foldable cover.
If you know the Ensemble, then you probably know R. Rabendorn and then you should know "Testphasen negativ",
his experimental, MEDUSADA project.

-February 2009

We are proud to announce that the Infinitus Ensemble is celebrating 10th anniversary this year.
In summer 1999 Mrs. Li and Mr. Rabendorn started the Ensemble.
Just for fun. In the meantime it's our main project and it's hard to believe that 10 years have elapsed.
Expect new music and new album(s)this year.

We want to thank our friends and the people who supported us and showed interest in our music.

-December the 25th.
Iri Li's first solo album "Broken Summer" is out NOW!!!
you can order it here:

-December 2008:
The Donation album has been postponed, but we have some exciting news.
ContraMusikProduktion is going to release Iri Li's first solo album "Broken Summer" on 25. December 2008.
She has decided to make an  instrumental album (with the exception of two songs).
It stands in the tradition of MEDUSADA and it will be
a great record for all friends & fans of experimental music. She has spent a lot of time into this concept album.
If you should like the music and the idea of Infinitus Ensemble, then you will love this album.
And it comes in a beautiful digipack!! 
For more informations visit:

-August 2008

We have updated our shop. You can now pay with PayPal.
Go to our Releases/Shop.
You can also visit  ContraMusikProduktion  to order your Infinitus Ensemble copies,
 beside other great music from many different artists/bands.

A new album will be released autumn 2008. This album will be only available as a download through .
It's a PayPal Donate album, which means that you can click on the donate button and decide by yourself how much
money you want to spend for the album. You will receive the link after your donation including the password.
Maybe one day the album will be released as a regular CD(R).
Anyway, do not think, that we will release all new albums as a download. It's just a project.
We will also invest the money into our next regular recording sessions.

Our "Kleine Gedanken" album is now sold out (2nd edition).
You can download the entire album, including new artwork(booklet & inlay), for 5€.
You can choose between OGG  and MP3(both in highest quality).
Just go to:

If you are interested to be a part of the "Infinitus Ensemble and Friends" album, which will be released 2009(hopefully), then contact us.
You can remix one of our songs, create something completely new (by using our songs) or work with us together on a song for the release.